Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I'm off to Kolkata for about 10 days (2 in a train, really), to attend both my cousin's wedding, and my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. The latter takes place in Sikkim, with close to 40 relatives tagging along for the celebrations. Should be good.
I learnt to cook curried eggs this morning, from our housekeeper, and it didn't turn out too shabby. This is for my cousin Gap who asked me to cook her something when I came over. Lets hope I can recreate it when its most required. Do you want the recipe? It'll be good practice for me to type it out. Here goes:

Bengali Curried Eggs
You will need:
  • x eggs
  • x potatoes, peeled chopped into quarters
  • x/2 onions, peeled and chopped (1/2 quantity as fine as possible,the other 1/2 roughly to save time)
  • x/4 tomatoes
  • chilli powder (1/2 tsp for 2 eggs)
  • jeera powder (1/2 tsp for 2 eggs)
  • salt (1/2 tsp for 2 eggs, and then as per taste; go easy on the initial salt for safety)
  • turmeric powder (1/2 tsp for 2 eggs)
  • galic (1 pod per egg)
  • ginger paste (1/2 tsp for 2 eggs)
  • 3 tbsp oil for frying
  • cloves (1 for 2 eggs)
  • elaichi (1 for 2 eggs)
  • cardamom pieces (3 small pieces for 2 eggs)
  • water (1 cup for 2 eggs; this makes for a thick curry)
  • chilli/jalapeno sauce (use your imagination here, just make sure the sauce you pick is spicy)
  1. Boil eggs and potatoes together in a saucepan for about 10-15 min. Then remove the egg shells. Make slits along the top and sides of the eggs to prevent them from breaking while they're frying, and to allow the masalas in.
  2. Place the finely chopped onions, garlic, ginger paste, chilli powder, jeera powder, turmeric powder, salt and tomatoes in a food processor (sic: mixie), blend on high power for 15-20 seconds, or till the tomatoes and onions have disintegrated completely, forming a thick paste.
  3. Heat one tbsp of oil in a kadai. To the hot oil, add the eggs and potatoes and fry for a minute or so, remove and set aside.
  4. Heat another tbsp of oil. To the hot oil, add the remaining onions, and fry till golden brown. Then proceed to add the blended masala, and then the cloves, elaichi and cardamom.
  5. Add another tbsp of oil and then the eggs and potatoes and cook for a minute. Add the water and cook till the curry becomes thick and consistent. Check the salt and add more if required.
  6. Serve hot with boiled white rice.


Mahangu said...

I've got to try cooking these man. We curry eggs over here too but this seems a little different. Thanks for the tip. Have fun in Kolkotta!

Electra said...

dude...i LOVED the post on 'faffing'. unfortunately however, i couldnt leave a comment on that particular post, try as i did. maybe somethin wrong with your link, or just my PC...who knows.

anyways, just loved that post. was hilarious, and a definite eye opener. according to your strict definitions, i proudly declare im officially a pretty good faffer! :)

have fun at the weddings!

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