Saturday, April 09, 2005

New noises, new elixirs, newmismatics...

Fine, so I don't know anything about coins, but I can give you the low-down on some exciting rock/metal acts. First up on my list of mentionables is Reflux, a first-rate technical progressive aggro-metal band that is kicking a lot of dust in the metal warfields these days. Heavy, intelligent, and musically brilliant, their debut album The Illusion of Democracy has raised concerns regarding the credibility of other bands that are making the big-time out there, in spite of not being able to touch these guys. Any comparison? Well, they sound a bit like Shadows Fall and Lamb of God, but Tosin Abasi's guitar work is, in my opinion, way more wicked than that heard from the aforementioned bands. His playing is intensely melodic, and there's a strength in his notes that I'm yet to hear on another record. It feels like having your teeth kicked in, and let me just say that pain is sweet. I'm really glad to hear a band playing such a great blend of progressive, aggro and melodic metal so fearlessly. I just hope to see them rule the charts soon. Noteworthy tracks: The Keats Persona, An Ode To The Evolution Of Consciousness.
Next up is Revis, one of the best rock bands to ever set out from Illinois. Revis is pure emotion, and Justin Holman's vocals are the most beautiful I've ever heard. Its a pity this band has only one album out, since 2002. They could have reached the top, and then some. The brilliant songwriting all though their album Places For Breathing pretty much displaces any rock written this millenium, IMO. Holman's lyrics really dig deep and unearth emotion in the most imaginative way. Pardon me for waxing extremely eloquent here, but their music sounds exactly like what I've been looking for all my life. (Un?)Fortunately, I can't describe their sound by drawing comparisons to anything you've heard before. Check them out yourself.
Thats what music should sound like, for the time being. Thirsty? Google has something to chill your insides...
Anything else? No, not really. At least not right now. I'll be back as soon as something else noteworthy hits me. Thanks for reading!

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