Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Neverland, Nevermind...

I'm switching to blogger.com from blogsome.com, since this site is a lot more user-friendly... But there's a good post there about my poetry discussion group. Anyway, on to today's topic. I watched Finding Neverland (Johnny Depp/Kate Winslet/Dustin Hoffman) today (PVR, The Forum - Rs. 130). Good film, great acting by Depp. He really brings the movie to a higher level. Otherwise its not really worth watching. Same goes for Secret Window.
I also caught the Sunday Jam hosted by Guruskool last week. Lots of death metal, some good, some monotonous, but all the acts showed great potential. There was also a chap named Kamal who just sat cross-legged on the floor, pulled up a red Strat, plugged in to a low-level overdriven amp, and belted out a really good tribute song to Cobain, incorporating his lyrics into it. It was very touching, and the song had a nice feel to it too. You could feel the respect in the air. I love the atmosphere at these jams. The whole thing just inspired me to get down to writing some good riffs to jam up with and perhaps play at the next Sunday jam... can't wait!
Music Recommendations:
Symphony X - The Odyssey :: Prog metal gods ::
John Mayer - Heavier Things :: Great pop (yes, there is such a thing!) ::
Dexter Gordon - Live At Carnegie Hall :: Marvellous tenor sax work ::

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