Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lucky... No Time For Love

Thats what they all say. The average hindi-speaking autorickshaw driver indulges in 3.67 romances with Bollywood actresses. That means 14 letters to each actress' address (Rs. 85 per address from a 'trusted' source), totalling 51.38 one-way correspondences. Add to that, say, 3 postcard-size photos and 1 poster of each actress. Silk shirt meant for that special occassion, plus matching bandana. Total cost of dream: Rs. 878. Life's a bitch. 'You can trust a snake, but don't shake hands with a girl.' 'No time for love - Lucky'... Senthil sighs as he ties his fluorescent scarf around his neck, runs his hand through his collar-length oiled hair, and starts the engine, and drives into the deep dark night.
Right, lets move along, shall we? I've been leeching some quality stand-up comedy off the usual P2P networks. Pristine 352x240 .mpg files of Comedy Central Presents. I've seen Dane Cook, Russell Peters, Carlos Mencia, and Pablo Francisco so far. Brilliant stuff! Cook is a tad overrated. Maybe the physical humour is what gets 'em. Still, all thoroughly enjoyable. Francisco does some marvellous imitations (of Latino girlfriends, male dancers, and Arnold Schwarzenegger), and Mencia is very, very angry. Peters has changed my life. A round of applause, ladies and gentlemen!
My MSN Messenger 7.0 doesn't seem to be able to connect anymore. Thats why I'm using Trillianv3.0 now. Very nice, as always, but now its gotten a lot better. There are now tons of great skins available for it, so you can dress it up as you wish. Neato!
I recently got a Line6 POD XT Live. Its a wonderful guitar effects processor, with lots of big buttons and shiny knobs to play around with, to get killer tone. Trouble is, it costs a bit. To pay it off, I'm handling the Graphics and Design column for Sri Lanka's IT Times. Check out an issue here.

  • Ra - Duality & From One
Great, straightforward rock from this tight foursome. Check out Fallen Angels, Do You Call My Name, and Superman.

  • Foo Fighters - In Your Honor
They've still got it. I like this double album a lot. Neat hooks and stuff. I'm in this place right now where I'll listen to anything that sounds good. Nothing in here is highly thought-provoking, but its nice nonetheless.

  • Pat Metheny Group - Offramp
This disc isn't very in-your-face. Lots of flowing moody stuff. Its very moving, in a way. Makes you feel like you're floating... Au Lait is probably my favourite track, although I love the entire album. Offramp is one trippy piece. Very Mahavishnu Orchestra. 5 Stars!

  • Jet - Get Born
Some really fun retro stuff from this neat Australian band. Apparently, they bought a bunch of riffs at a Garage Sale held by Angus Young, and they decided to rework them for their own album. The results are crunchy, with a smooth texture on the outside. I love this disc!
  • Jerry Cantrell - Degradation Trip
Now this is rock done right. Strong, groovy and with purpose. Cantrell's vocals are delightfully Layne-Staley-esque, and completely complement his songwriting and playing. Very good stuff, again. Anger Rising is one hell of a song.
  • Liquid Tension Experiment - I & 2
The Dream Theater boys up to mischief, featuring Tony Levin on The Stick (12-string bass instrument). This instrumental side project is absolutely balls-to-the-wall-multi-genre stuff, with 4 virtuosos strutting their stuff and bringing the house down. Mindblowing work. See if you can get your hands on the videos. Weirder than watching David Blaine.
  • Clutch - Robot Hive Exodus
Great stoner rock, with some great riffs, and neat songwriting. Every track is a gem. Possibly one of Clutch's top albums. Loved every minute of it!