Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Art of Faffing

faffed, faff.ing, faffs

To pass time at leisure, idle

Yeah, well, thats what I do. All the time. And I'm damn proud of it too. Why do I do it? Because its the easy way out, and its so fulfilling. But there's a certain way of going about things if you want to indulge in some quality faffing. A novice might just laze about at home and consider him/herself a prime faffer, but thats for, well, novices. Quality faffing involves taking a further effort in making sure that what you're doing (or not doing) is from every possible angle an absurd waste of time. One must also take care to ensure that once the activity in question is initiated, absolutely no effort may be made by the faffer to do anything. Thus, we can conclude that faffing essentially involves indulging in an activity that is passive in nature, seemingly fruitless (to the untrained eye), and physically relaxing. NOTE: Faffing also means doing something out of the ordinary in an endavour to unwind. Therefore, watching television is not considered faffing, however passive it may be. Listening to soul is a classic faff activity, as is sitting on the pavement. Notice the lack of consequence of the aforementioned activities. Also notice that I'm taking time out of my heavy faffing schedule to enlighten you (blogging is SO not faffing...). Entering a restaurant and not ordering anything is also defined as faffing (since all one does is engage in altering one's surroundings, but not circumstances, which may go from not eating to eating). So you see, its all very technical. But you'll get the hang of it, if you're lazy enough. If you're enough to ignore this, you're already a faffer. Good on you!
Of late, I've been looking at some photography, over at Deviantart. I've never had an eye for it, but I'm slowly beginning to appreciate this contemporary art form. The site had a very good news post that featured some wonderful work by several artists who specialise in many varied styles of photography. Check it out here. One of my favourite shots can be seen here. Enjoy.

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