Tuesday, April 19, 2005

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I saw a few other blogs today... really small posts, compared to mine. I think I want to take the same route, and instead of post huge paragraphs, just say a few lines each time. And maybe post more often. That should make this blog easier to read, my thoughts easier to digest, all while fulfilling my need to say a whole lot.
You can check out those blogs here and here. They're quite interesting. The second one is a friend's blog, while the first is Craig Newmark's. Craig is the creator of Craigslist.org, a huge forum-cum-marketplace for San Francisco. It started as an email listing of events in the area, but has now snowballed into a full-fledged website. Inspiring.
Now playing:
  • Symphony X - V & The Divine Wings of Tragedy. This is Michael Romeo's brilliant progressive metal band. Both fabulous albums.
  • Death - The Sound of Perseverance. I keep hearing, "What, you DON'T have it?" I'm glad I do now. Its just that I don't know what to make of standard 4/4 music anymore. That cuts out a whole lot of rock (I daresay all rock). Well, alright, not completely. I still love listening to my favourite rock bands from when I was 13. Its just that I enjoy music that requires a little concentration, music that grips you, music that twists and turns, takes you to the edge, asks you to take in the view, and then urges you to just revel in its brilliance. This album does that. Its raw, and it gets the point across.

I bought a pair of Converse All Stars recently, and they're easily the best shoes I've owned in a while. Whats even cooler, though is ConverseGallery.com, a site where you can watch 24-second films by independent filmmakers based on Converse footwear. Worth a look. I loved them all. My favourite: Eat & Run by Christopher Davis.

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