Monday, May 23, 2005

You mean I don't have to have a point to write here?

I'm still watching Bicycle Thief and The Interpreter, and reading Slaughterhouse-Five, so I can't submit a review of any of them just yet. So I'll just talk about the blogging experience.
I can still remember the old days, when blogging had just begun to take the world by storm. "Just a phase, Abe, it'll go away soon. Pah! Who needs blogs when you can just make a website?", I would say. Little did I realise that within a few months, everything anyone said would be replicated on their blogs. Thats right, anyone. And apparently, everybody has something to say. Thats when I jumped on the bandwagon and began blogging myself. And it feels great, to know that I'm putting down thoughts and interesting URLs open for anyone who might be interested, to take a look at (even though I have practically no readers, other than my brother - thanks mate). Besides, its a great way to enhance my writing skills, which I hope I have. I'm glad that I can express myself more or less accurately with words, and this is a brilliant proving ground (proving to myself, that is - I ensure that I maintain a level of quality that keeps me coming back again and again to read my blog).
I've also been reading several other blogs, and I've learned a lot from them, especially about how to improve my own. I'm toying with the idea of trying to promote my blog to get more readers, because I wouldd love to know what people think of what I'm saying (online, at least). I highly recommend blogging as a daily ecercise for the brain. Very good stuff, this. Try it out -> Blogger.


kris said...

how true man! u've actually said whatever i feel too...i'm pretty new to blogging..started only abt a month back but its really addictive..i just try my best to put up stuff tht ppl will like to read...abt abt publicity..oh i just tell whoever i chat with to chk it out, whether they like it or not..but gr8 work man...ur blog's going good..keep it up!!

P.S - who says you dont have any readers?????

Arvind said...

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