Sunday, May 08, 2005

Up, up and away...

Just watched The Aviator (I'm late, com sue me). Its a wonderful story about a genius, a filmmaker, an airplane enthusiast, a businessman, and a human being with a relentless desire to make his dreams come to life and then some. Leonardo di Caprio truly delivers, with a brilliant performance as Howard Hughes. His portrayal of the driven individual (who I'm surprised I haven't heard of before) is very well done, and brings me to think about who is more eccentric, a run-of-the-mill-nine-to-fiver or Hughes.
I think life should be led the Hughes way, you know. King-size, quarter-mile, pedal-to-the-metal, all-guns-blazing, envelope-pushing. you-get-the-idea. Wish I could do it. Instead, here I am, watching movies on the telly and blogging. Ah, well, someone's gotta do the dirty work.
I was talking to a friend today about trust, and how I don't have any. I just can't trust anyone, its too risky. Everybody's got some hidden agenda or the other (they better, its what keeps them sheltered from the world outside), and its absurd to expect people to be flawless in character. Somewhere along the line things go wrong, and everything just goes up in flames. Right now I have no issues, so I have no need to trust someone with the keys to my skeleton-riddled closet, but still... I think its best I handle things myself.
System of a Down - Mesmerize /
No great shakes, although there a few inimitable moments on this record. Not a fan? Stay away. Pick up their early stuff instead.

Dream Theater - Train of Thought /
Progressive Metal
Tight as hell, very hard-hitting stuff. Great hooks on this one, some marvellous playing by the entire band. But its no
Images and Words. Still worth a listen.

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