Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Things to do at night...

My brother just flew out of Bangalore, and is on his way back home to Montreal. That makes the house about 70% more vacant, and leaves me with practically nothing to do. So I got home, and after dinner, tried to keep myself busy by doing the following:
  • Watching 'Page 3' (Madhur Bhandarker) / I'm not done yet, will write about it soon.
  • Testing new Google products and services over at Google Labs. My favourite: Google Suggest (It shows you relevant suggestions to use for your search before you click the button. Great job!)
  • Checked out a fabulous website on my favourite guitarist John Petrucci. See it here.
  • Sent out an invite on Deviantart to several Bangalorean deviants (Deviantart members) to join the group bangaloreans. I'm planning to start a couple of community projects as soon as we get a few more members, and maybe have a live meet somewhere. We had one last year, and it was great fun.
  • Checked out snipurl, a great free service that creates shorter URLs for you to follow. For example, http://snipurl.com/erf7 will lead you to this blog. They also have a service that sends you interesting links by email. I signed up.

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