Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Quick Firefox Tip

As you might know (c'mon, you're one of 5 people who read my blog), I work for Deviantart Inc., and there's a lot of PR work involved. This means that I have to frequently visit user pages, which have URLs like username.deviantart.com. Its a pain to type this over and over again, especially since I'm used to hitting Ctrl+Enter for http://www.sitename.com (type sitename, hit Ctrl+Enter, and Firefox/IE will add the rest for you). Here's a trick you can use for deviantart pages, blogger blogs, and anything else with a similar URL type:

  • Click Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > New Bookmark.
  • In the 'location' field, type 'http://%s.deviantart.com' or 'http://%s.blogger.com', without the quotes.
  • Add a keyword thats short and easy to type/remember. For deviantart pages, I use 'da'. So, to go to my page, i simply type 'da abe-x' (without quotes) and hit Enter. Similarly, for blogspot pages, I use 'bs'.


Indra said...

Ohhhh, it's a deadly!!!
good tip. always wondered about that. even for xxx.blogspot.com

iamlame said...

Nifty tip indeed. I had always wondered about it. Finally. Woo.

Rio said...

It's really powerful as a search even. You can enter in a keyword for just about any major search engine and even Google's translation service. If don't want to build your own list of keywords, you can download and import a list of 140+ here.

Asfaq said...

u could do this using opera since ages.. thnx anyways for the tip ;)