Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Woke up at 6:30 am today. Studied a bit, then got down to leeching Clutch's 1999 album Jam Room. Clutch plays some really good Stoner Rock, which I'm absolutely loving right now. Its like fun bluesy-groovy-rock with deep Southern sludge vocals, if that means anything to you. Anyway, its all good. Been playing their 2005 disc Robot Hive/ExodusI also subscribed to 2 years of Worldspace Digital Satellite Radio programming. As if I didn't already have enough music to keep me busy (as of now, 33 GB). RIAA, come and get me... I live in Kaval Byrasandra. I'm yours if you can find me... muhahahaha!
Had breakfast at India Coffee House, MG Road, this morning, with my mate Prateeque. Scrambled eggs on toast, cold coffee, mutton cutlets and some more toast... 50 bucks a head. Even got hassle-free parking just outside, which is a first (probably a last as well, given Bangalore's rising traffic and parking problems).
Mattias Eklundh will be playing in Bangalore on the 11th of November, joining bassist Jonas Hellborg's jazz group. I'm hoping to go, but several minor technicalities might prove to be a successful obstacle. Time will tell.

The Stranger by Albert Camus

A story about a young man living his day-to-day life as a cynic, as several minor events (the death of his mother, the disappearance of his neighbour's dog, the seemingly inconsequential affair with Marie) eventually lead to the climax: the protagonist's murder trial. There's enough of character formation, but one can't really feel for the old chap. Anyhow, its a really short novel, and reading it would do you just as much good as not taking it up.

Clutch - Robot Hive/Exodus (2005)

I love this album. Great vocals, neat blues-rock-funk riffs, fun RHCP-esque lyrics with a twinge of realism, and an overall killer sound. Every track is a classic. My favourite, however, is
10001110101. This album is full of all those tracks you want playing behind you as you walk down the street, y'know, when all is right with the world. Lots of nice guitar and keyboard bits all over the place. 5 Stars. I'm now hooked.


Iconoid (For Windows 98/2000/Me)

Nifty features to fiddle with your desktop icons. Change the icon text background colour, font colour, make your icons do a little jig (!)... its free, too. Go here.

Firefox Extension: All-in-One Gestures

Use your mouse to perform functions (Back, Forward, Previous/Next Tab, Close Tab, etc.) simply by holding down a button and gesturing (drawing a rough pattern). Its really neat. Its available here.

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