Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Get Over It

What is it with people and their concerns about privacy? Every second IT company worth their salt these days is being sued or coming under fire from the public and the media for posing a threat to peoples' personal information. Perhaps there are some related issues I'm not clear on, but still, the article I've linked to below mentions how Google might compromise people by providing personal details to the government. I don't see how its a huge problem. For one, the government can anyway use Google (or any search engine) to find personal details about people, that they may have submitted or posted online. Secondly, so what if the government knows about you? How would it matter to them whether or not you enjoy looking at pictures of little girls and ponies?
I can see how this might inconvenience a criminal/fugitive, but isn't that a good thing? Besides, I'm sure Google can't provide terribly confidential information like your credit card and so on. Where's the problem?

See the Yahoo! article here.


L.A.tentIntent said...

What's India like?

Abe said...

Lol, it would take ages to completely answer that question. India is big, beautiful, and out of control. And I love it!

»»Queen Bee«« said...

media monopoly my boy!! there is no personal space anywhere.. even your blog is scrutinized!!! this is wat happens in a world where ppl buy electromagnetic waves as well!!
plus.. how come your blog has comments that are not related to the articles written?.. eg. "wat is india like??!!".. lol..!!