Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Geek Goodies!

What kind of nerd would I be if I didn't add some neat software + web links on my blog, eh? Here's a grab bag:

  • Konfabulator: Add widgets to your Win2k/xp pc, i.e., add fun(ctionality). More RAM, better performance.
  • kewlpAd: Only the best notepad on the planet. Free. Skinnable. Excellent 'Find' feature, reads any size .txt files (not restricted to 60kb like Windows Notepad ;-) ), especially useful for IRC file lists.
  • Approcket: Cute little program launcher (Win2k/xp). Also launches bookmarks, media files and more. Again, needs memory.
  • WackyVids.com: Great little videos to watch, including banned commercials, bloopers and more. Free.
  • Extensions:
  1. Foxytunes: Control your media player (choose from the list) from your browser. Very neat, plus skinnable!
  2. Gmail Notifier: QUickly log in to your Gmail account with 2 clicks.
  3. CuteMenus: Adds icons to context options when you right-click. I'm a gfx fetishist, so this works for me.

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