Monday, July 04, 2005


One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Starring Jack Nicholson, Directed by Milos Forman
File under 'heartwarming', 'poignant', 'Jack Nicholson's finest moments'...
I loved this one from the very beginning. A great story, fantastically told, with just the right details. Vintage Nicholson is obviously a novelty, and he also delivers the goods. A very strong performance, with his classic go-on-slap-me-i'll-think-its-funny smile adding to his character an indescribably apt element. Human and alien emotions express themselves beautifully through the thoroughly captivating inmates. A must-watch!

The Usual Suspects (1995)
Starring Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Benicio Del Toro, Kevin Pollak, Kevin Spacey, Directed by Bryan Singer
Now this is a carefully wound surprise that leaps at you over a span of an hour and a half. This jack-in-the-box of a crime flick is brilliantly directed (and edited on film) by Singer, and stars the brilliant Spacey. Although every actor delivers a splendid performance, Spacey steals the show. His delivery, timing, everything, is just impeccable. The story twists and turns at a hundred a second on a roller coaster rail, and takes you with it. Verbal (Spacey) is a character unlike any I've seen before. Another fine yarn. Definitely a must-watch.

Tokyo Cancelled - Rana Dasgupta
Still reading it... its a wonderful collection of 13 stories disguised as a novel. I'm halfway through, and each tale is as enchanting as the next. The stories take you across the globe, through various moments of trepidation, horror, pity, and so much more. Great stuff!

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